Paleomagnetic Services

Paleomagnetic core orientation and paleomagnetic services including paleomagnetic orientation of fractures in cores, core-based studies of natural fractures and in-situ stress in fractured reservoirs, and more.
Applied Paleomagnetics provides paleomagnetic core orientation and other paleomagnetic services to the petroleum and geotechnical industries worldwide since 1986. Applied Paleomagnetics is the world's first and most experienced service company dedicated to commercial applications of paleomagnetism. Applied Paleomagnetics is widely recognized as the world leader in paleomagnetic core orientation technology, which we pioneered beginning in 1980. Paleomagnetic services integrated into our paleomagnetic core orientation service include paleomagnetic fracture orientation and detailed fracture studies in fractured reservoirs, paleomagnetic orientation of in-situ stress, paleomagnetic orientation of coal cleats in coalbed methane reservoirs, paleomagnetic orientation of paleocurrent directions, and determination of structural dip in paleomagnetically oriented core. Other paleomagnetic services we provide are paleomagnetic age-dating, magnetostratigraphy, measuring magnetic susceptibility and other magnetic properties, and using paleomagnetism for determining tectonic rotations, timing of fluid migration and diagenesis, and recency of faulting.

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