Staff Profile – Joseph E. Butterworth, M.S.

JOE BUTTERWORTH, one of the founders of Applied Paleomagnetics, Inc. in 1986, has been Project Geophysicist and Manager of our San Francisco area office since then. Prior to that, he was manager of the paleomagnetics lab at Z-Axis Exploration, Inc. (1984–1986) and a Geophysical Technician at Century Geophysical Corporation (1979–1980).

Butterworth's career interests are in applying paleomagnetism in oil and gas exploration and production and determining timing of hydrocarbon migration and fault-related diagenesis (Van Alstine & Butterworth, 1994; Van Alstine & Butterworth, 2002). He also participated in early development and application of the paleomagnetic core orientation technique in the Middle East and Venezuela (Van Alstine et al., 1991) and the North Sea (Van Alstine & Butterworth, 1993). Since 1992, Butterworth has been collaborating with the Berkeley Geochronology Center on paleomagnetic dating of hominid-fossil-bearing sediments in Java and Ethiopia (National Geographic Society, 1996).

  • M.S. (Geological Sciences), San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, 1984.
  • B.S. (Earth Science), University of California at Santa Cruz, CA, 1978.
  • Member: American Geophysical Union, American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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