Paleomagnetic Projects in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico

Paleomagnetic projects in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico include many examples where Applied Paleomagnetics provided paleomagnetic services to petroleum and geotechnical companies since 1986. Our paleomagnetic projects in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico include extensive use of our paleomagnetic core orientation service to determine natural fracture, bedding, and in situ stress orientations in oil and gas fields. We paleomagnetically oriented cores from Rocky Mountain basins in Wyoming (Bighorn, Powder River, Wind River, Washakie), Utah (Uinta, Green River), Colorado (Piceance, San Juan, Denver)and New Mexico (San Juan). In Wyoming, our paleomagnetic projects focused on paleomagnetic core orientation in the Tensleep, Frontier, Shannon, Almond, and Fort Union formations. In Utah, our projects involved paleomagnetic core orientation in the Nuggett and Green River formations. In Colorado, our projects emphasized paleomagnetic core orientation in the Dakota (Muddy J), Mesaverde, Paonia Shale, and Fruitland formations. In New Mexico, our projects focused on paleomagnetic orientation of cores from the Dakota, Gallup, and Fruitland formations, and from igneous and metamorphic rocks at Valles Caldera. In Fruitland coal cores from the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado we performed paleomagnetic orientation of coal cleats, natural fractures, and in situ stress to determine optimum drilling directions in coalbed methane CBM reservoirs. In Utah, we conducted paleomagnetic studies near the Moab Fault to constrain timing of fault-related diagenesis, bleaching of red beds, and changes in magnetic properties caused by hydrocarbon migration into Jurassic sandstones. At the Anschutz Ranch East Field, Utah, we performed paleomagnetic core orientation of Nugget Sandstone to determine timing of hydrocarbon migration into a structural trap along the Absaroka thrust fault. At Jordanelle Dam, Utah, we conducted magnetostratigraphic studies to evaluate seismic risk and recency of faulting. Other paleomagnetic projects in Utah and Wyoming focused on sedimentology; from cross-beds in paleomagnetically oriented cores we determined paleowind directions in the Tensleep and Nugget sandstones and sediment transport directions in Shannon Sandstone.

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