Paleomagnetic Projects in the Middle East, Kuwait, U.A.E., Oman

Our paleomagnetic projects in the Middle East include examples in Kuwait, U.A.E., and Oman where Applied Paleomagnetics provided paleomagnetic services to petroleum and geotechnical companies since 1986. Our Middle East paleomagnetic projects in Kuwait include extensive use of our paleomagnetic core orientation service to determine natural fracture, bedding, and in situ stress orientations in cores from the Najmah and Sargelu Formations from the following oil fields in Kuwait: Burgan, Kra Al-Maru, Minagish, Ratqa, Rugei, Umm Gudair, West Minagish. Our Middle East paleomagnetic projects in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) focused on paleomagnetic core orientation onshore and offshore Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Onshore Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. we paleomagnetically oriented cores of Dukhan and Habshan Formation carbonates in Asab and Sahil fields and of Shu'aiba (Shuaiba Fm) carbonates in Bu Hasa field to determine induced and natural fracture orientations. Offshore Abu Dhabi, our paleomagnetic projects focused on paleomagnetic core orientation in Abu Al Bukoosh Field to orient geomechanical test samples for in situ stress. Onshore Dubai, U.A.E. our paleomagnetic projects emphasized paleomagnetic core orientation of Thamama Group carbonate cores in Margham Field to determine fracture orientations in this fractured reservoir. Offshore Dubai, we paleomagnetically oriented cores from the Ilam Formation in Fateh Field to orient natural fractures, bedding, and in situ stress. Our Middle East paleomagnetic projects in Oman focused on paleomagnetic core orientation of Natih Formation carbonate cores in Natih and Qarn-Alam fields. Other paleomagnetic projects we conducted in Oman were tectonic studies to provide paleomagnetic constraints on Late Cretaceous emplacement of the Oman ophiolite.

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