Paleomagnetic Fault Services

Paleomagnetic fault studies are among the many paleomagnetic services provided by Applied Paleomagnetics to the petroleum and geotechnical industries worldwide since 1986. Our paleomagnetic fault services include paleomagnetic age-dating of new magnetic minerals that grew during fault-related diagenesis and in fault gouge. This allows us to determine when fluids migrated along a fault and timing of latest motion on the fault. Applied Paleomagnetics conducted paleomagnetic studies on the Lewis and McConnell thrust faults in Western Canada to provide paleomagnetic constraints on the timing of fluid migration along these faults, fractures, and associated fault-propagation folds, which form structural traps for hydrocarbon reservoirs in this region. Our paleomagnetic fault services were used on the Moab Fault in Utah to determine the age of fault-related diagenesis and bleaching of red beds associated with hydrocarbon migration along the fault. Our paleomagnetic fault services were employed at the Auburn dam site in California, where paleomagnetic age-dating of fault gouge constrained the timing of latest motion on a fault in the dam's foundation. We used our paleomagnetic fault services at Pallett Creek, California to constrain slip rates and earthquake recurrence intervals on the San Andreas Fault. We used our paleomagnetic fault services on strike-slip faults in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, to establish timing of hydrocarbon migration in oil reservoirs along those faults. Paleomagnetic fault studies can be integrated with our paleomagnetic fracture orientation service; we find that faults and fractures exhibit self-similar (fractal) relationships.

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