Paleomagnetic Sedimentology Services

Paleomagnetic sedimentology services are among the paleomagnetic services provided by Applied Paleomagnetics to the petroleum and geotechnical industries worldwide since 1986. Paleomagnetic sedimentology services are integrated into our paleomagnetic core orientation service, allowing us to determine bedding orientations in subsurface cores. Bedding and sedimentology control permeability anisotropy in many oil and gas reservoirs around the world. Bedding and sedimentology studies on cores oriented using our paleomagnetic core orientation technique have better resolution than image logs, allowing better determination of sediment transport directions and structural dip. Bedding planes and other sedimentology features measured with respect to a known straight line (the Master Orientation Line marked on the core during paleomagnetic core orientation) are more accurately oriented than if measured with respect to a rotating scribe line (as with electronic multishot). In cores from eolian sandstone petroleum reservoirs, our paleomagnetic sedimentology services are used to orient cross beds to determine sediment transport in the direction of the prevailing wind. In cores from fluvial-dominated deltaic petroleum reservoirs, our paleomagnetic sedimentology services are used to determine paleocurrent directions in distributary channels. In cores from tide-dominated deltaic petroleum reservoirs, our paleomagnetic sedimentology services are used to determine the orientation of sand bodies oriented perpendicular to the coast; tidal sands commonly show trimodal cross-bedding reflecting both herringbone cross-bedding (from ebb and flood tides) and epsilon cross-bedding (from lateral migration of tidal channels). Our paleomagnetic sedimentology services are also used to determine structural dip by paleomagnetic orientation of bedding in shale cores, by paleomagnetic orientation of truncation surfaces in cores from cross-bedded sands, and by paleomagnetic orientation of interdune bedding in cores from eolian sandstone reservoirs. Accurate paleocurrent directions are provided by our paleomagnetic sedimentology services, because we first calculate, and correct for, structural dip of bedding.

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