Magnetostratigraphic Services

Magnetostratigraphic services are among the paleomagnetic services provided by Applied Paleomagnetics to the petroleum and geotechnical industries worldwide since 1986. Our magnetostratigraphic services can be used either on surface outcrops or on subsurface cores as part of our paleomagnetic core orientation service. Magnetostratigraphy relies on distinctive sequences of magnetic polarity reversals, which can be dated using our magnetostratigraphic services by comparison with the magnetic polarity time scale. Our magnetostratigraphic services have been used extensively on surface-outcrop and subsurface core samples of Columbia River Basalt, which contains excellent records of magnetic polarity reversals useful for magnetostratigraphic correlation. Other magnetostratigraphic applications rely on polarity bias intervals, which are intervals where the average length of one magnetic polarity (normal or reversed) is longer than the average length of the opposite magnetic polarity. Our magnetostratigraphic services have been used extensively in Western Canada and in the Western U.S. to determine timing of hydrocarbon migration relative to a distinctive change in polarity bias at about 63 Ma. Our magnetostratigraphic services have also been used by energy and geotechnical companies near dams and nuclear facilities to determine timing of latest motion on nearby faults relative to the most recent magnetic polarity reversal at 0.78 Ma.

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