Paleomagnetic Tectonic Services

Paleomagnetic tectonic studies are among the paleomagnetic services provided by Applied Paleomagnetics to the petroleum and geotechnical industries worldwide since 1986. Paleomagnetic studies are especially useful in detecting tectonic rotations on scales ranging from entire continents, to accreted terranes, to local rotations near faults. Our paleomagnetic tectonic services have been used to determine timing of fluid migration, including hydrocarbons, along faults and fractures, especially in orogenic forelands. Applied Paleomagnetics conducts local and regional paleomagnetic tectonic studies, either for individual companies or as part of a consortium. Our paleomagnetic tectonic services have been used extensively in Alaska, the Cordilleran Overthrust Belt, Arkoma Basin, Venezuela, the North Sea, Bulgaria, Middle East, and the Philippines. We conducted paleomagnetic tectonic studies in the Desert Range, Nevada, to detect vertical-axis tectonic rotations near the right-lateral Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone. Our paleomagnetic tectonic services were used by major oil companies in Alaska, the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Montana-Wyoming-Utah Overthrust Belt, and the Arkoma Basin to determine timing of hydrocarbon migration relative to development of structural traps for oil reservoirs in the forelands of orogenic belts. In Alaska, our paleomagnetic tectonic services have been used to determine tectonic rotations and docking times of accreted terranes, including the Yakutat, Peninsular, North Slope, and Tatonduk terranes, and in offshore wells along the Beringian margin.

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